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Special transport

Feijie tengda is national level of international freight agent enterprise approved by the ministry of commerce, has rich experience in special transport, many successful completion of the transportation, flat open top ark BanGui transportation project of transportation and other large equipment, special ark is a reliable transport experts.

Special profile

There are many kinds of special ark, mainly divides into: Open Top containers, Open Top Container), flat BanGui (FlatRack containers, also called framework ark or stool Tank, frozen ark (Reffer Container), hang chest (Dresshanger Container) and Tank Tank (Tank Container).

Special business scope

Feijie tengda according to the customer, can undertake all kinds of super scale goods, goods and different forms of temperature has asked cargo transport business, including open top containers, flat BanGui, framework cabinets, refrigerated cabinets have a definite advantage, can help and some relevant documents, and on-site supervision of loading, etc, to provide customers with comprehensive, integrated service, satisfy different customers different cargo transport demand.

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