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Pet checked

Feijie tengda launched pet service of transportation, can separate check or in the form of baggage and host to sit a plane to arrive, the plane can be directly in the luggage turntable after extraction.

Operation process

1 contact us, consulting relevant information and let us know the estimated time in which to travel.

2 people and pets destination must be consistent, to provide master information a copy of your passport.

3 provide rabies immunization certificate original, the validity of this card 30-365 days.

4 provide shot records, is often said that the triple needle or immovable.

5 a pet positive one inch color photo, a profile a 4 inch color photo, a total of two.

6 to provide information for pet owners and pets: pet owners name, contact information, and the pet name, gender, variety, color, recently the rabies vaccine injection time, etc.

Matters needing attention

1. The civil aviation administration of China issued 1996 living transportation regulations. Major airlines in strict accordance with the standards of pet air transport security, every living transport, the captain will add oxygen to animals.

2. A few have phenomenon on pet, or because the plane taking off and landing a strong pressure is frightened, embodied in slow, vomiting, lethargy, abnormal urine, etc. These all belong to normal phenomenon, pet owners not to panic, after a few days rest will as before live wave lovely pet.

3. Pets special air box or wire, to ensure the lightweight, easy handling and is suitable for animal characteristics and conform to the requirements of the air transport, can prevent the destruction of animals, escape and contact with the outside world, to ensure ventilation, prevent the pet suffocation. Packaging point should be to prevent the facilities of the stool.

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